May 2015


“Rose time” in the garden of the Hotel Jardí d’Artà”:

the garden of this hotel is a wonderful surprise and changing continousely.

refreshing the image of the hotel “Ivory Playa”

details make the difference!

Portait of a friend and also photographer

Hiding or belonging to the garden? Andreas Rumland in the mallow garden.

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung”:

published an article about the Hotel Jardì d’Artà with my photos!

finished the photos of the agroturism “Es Pla des Llodrà”

A traditional majorcan house with a wonderful garden!

i’m happy! finally i found the list of their names!

i could give everyone in the series “turbans” his name!

Photos of selected majorcan products:

New on the market and with playful names!

The wine is called “Stone, scissors, paper” and the beer “Talayotica”.

new photos of an attractive agroturismo:

“Es Pla des Llodrà” is situated in the centre of Mallorca with a lot of lovely old details, here part of the patio.

ongoing: mar_cabrera, 3rd of May 2015

today the sea was really like the title of this series: “Blue above and blue below”!

more Seascapes: