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Can Calent

Can Calent is exhibiting two of my landscapes of Mallorca

Seasonal Living

The Magazin “Home Couture“ published an article about “Seasonal Living“ with some of the garden photos of Lucie Hauri Real Estate and the interior design shop “Cas Perillo“


Exhibition in the Galería Ra del Rey, Madrid with a series photos; “Coruña“

Ivory tree series

Two “tree shots“ are sold, one from the appletree series and the ivory tree series.

Conde Nast Traveler about Pablo Carrington

“Word of Mouth“ in the Conde Nast Traveler about Pablo Carrington and his Project: “Cap Rocat“

Hotel Cap Rocat in “Esquire“

Article about the Hotel Cap Rocat in “Esquire“

Pablo Carrington

Portrait of Pablo Carrington in “El Pais“

Can Calent

A series of vegetables is exhibited en Can Calent


Can Senae, exhibition of “sheep“ photos, all of them with the same height and hanged in one line without distances between the photos.