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I’m happy, I sold some “seascapes”

from the series seacapes: “blau abaix – blau adalt”

going on with my personal project: “mother&daughter”

working with both is a very nice experience

these sheep have a new home!

hope they let the visitors in this room sleep very well!

exhibition “Matançes Mortes”

9 big images showing the tradition to feed a pork, kill it and have meat during a whole year. curated by Andreu Mas.


participo con un paisaje de olivos de Fornalutx, gran formato, dibond

participating in the exhibition “20×20” of the gallery Ra del Rey, Madrid

this time with images of my serie “flowers”

Artnit16, Campos

participating with two images “the Sea”

Ongoing project: flowers!

Here some very tiny ones, i don’t know their name, may be somebody can help me?

I found them on a field near Campos, Mallorca.