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one of images of the serie “sheep” found a new home

moving to Germany!

photos for the residential home “Sa Bassa Coll”

the outside dining place of “Sa Bassa Coll”, Mallorca

the restaurant of the hotel “Jardí d’Artà” with new offers

Florian Schwarz and Guillem Abad: one of the very seducing plates

going on with my personal project: “mother&daughter”

working with both is a very nice experience

the Marina hotel in the port of Sóller

photos of the new terrace-furniture and the SPA del hotel Marina

more photos of the agroturismo “Ses Rotes Velles”

the pool in the centre of the mediterranean garden of the small hotel

second session: Ses Rotes Velles

breakfast in the garden of the agroturismo “Ses Rotes Velles”, close to the Salinas of Es Trenc

business photos

photos to present herself for her coaching business: annegret buse,

the hotel Jardí d’Artà, Mallorca

the hotel starts with his wonderful garden, recently reformed and new equipped