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business photos

photos to present herself for her coaching business: annegret buse,

the hotel Jardí d’Artà, Mallorca

the hotel starts with his wonderful garden, recently reformed and new equipped

fotos de “Pura Vida” en Betlem, Mallorca

this place is looking for a new owner, photos for the real estate “tres palmeras”

finally actualizing my website

new images for my website, still enjoying the layout!

the vineyard on the new hotel Finca Serena is progressing

the small plants are still short sticks, without any leaf and need some protection

first photosession of “Ses Rotes Velles”

“Ses Rotes Velles” is a small hotel near to the beach of “Es Trenc”, Colònia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca

reportaje de la plantación de diferentes vinyas en la Finca Serena, Montuiri, Mallorca

es la primera vez que veo como se prepara la tierra y se plantan cepas!

fotos de la habitación piloto del nuevo hotel de único hotels, Finca Serena en Mallorca

“Finca Serena” es el nuevo hotel de “Único Hotels” de Barcelona que se va a inaugurar en abril 2019

“Los Verdes” found a new owner and the big print travels to Hamburgo

‘Los Verdes’ es un sitio en Galicia, in the north of spain, where three rivers get together, a very special place.