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going on with my personal project: “mother&daughter”

working with both is a very nice experience

a new book of the hotel “Jardí d’Artà”

the first time i use “blurb” to edit a book, a good result!

“Los Verdes” found a new owner and the big print travels to Hamburgo

‘Los Verdes’ es un sitio en Galicia, in the north of spain, where three rivers get together, a very special place.

a small booklet is published “Son Cosine”

memories of Son Cosine, the former place of the painter R.T. Leimbacher and his family

¿does Mallorca need more and bigger cruise ships?

montage for “Wolkenteam”

postcards, asking for the future of Mallorca

¿electricity for Mallorca? – assignment for “Wolkenteam” – already published in facebook

three of my images “Sylvester en A Coruña” are sold and they go to the other side of the Atlantic, to the States of America!

three of my favorite sheep images are sold and hanging in a very nice place

participating in the exhibition “20×20” of the gallery Ra del Rey, Madrid

this time with images of my serie “flowers”