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preparing a cookbook for 6 seasons in Mallorca

starting with winter recipes: a beetroot orange cake

2 imagenes de 20×20: “august-flowers” and “maxixe”

found a new owner and a new place!

participating in a collective exhibition in Madrid

en la Galería Ra del Rey, a space for artists

finished the proposal of a cookbook

waiting for a postive answer from the publisher…..

new project

preparing a cookbook with local products of Mallorca

ongoing series “mother&daugther”

here with the youngest in my series, maria, 5 years old

ongoing series “mother&daughter”: 4 generations

the great-grandmother with 102 years, her daughter, grandchild and her great-granddaughter with 5 years

participating in ArtNit 19

“the night of art” in Campos, every year more interesting!

photos for a really nice wedding!

a wedding with all the best friends and the swing of the monkeydoo in the countryside of Mallorca!