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Italian papermills


This series was born after taking photos of my Brazilian neighbour and her mother – it made me wonder whether the relationships between mothers and daughters was accurately reflected in these images, given that they are often more complicated than at first glance.  So I decided to work with mothers and daughters whom I know, either because we live in the same village or I have a professional relationship with one of them.

Young Faces

This project has been going on for two years now: I’ve been photographing young people, mostly students, from different places as I’m curious to discover whether youth has also gone global. I started in Campos, where I live, then continued in Sankt Petersburg, Palma de Mallorca, Ponta Delgada, the capital of the Azores, in Barcelona and lately on the Faroe Islands.


A series of landscapes, part of an art project commissioned jointly by the ABA Gallery and Jumeirah Hotel in Sóller, Mallorca.

Secret Places

This series is very personal for me because what one considers secret and mysterious is not necessarily so for someone else. I find it interesting that I found so many secret, special places in Galicia, Portugal and former East Germany.




A series of i-phone photos, taken early in the morning on the beach at Sa Ràpita, with the island of Cabrera in the background.
Always from the same spot and with the horizontal line at the same height. Trying to do a total of 365 days.


On a trip around the north of India, I stayed in a small place in Rajasthan called Ghanareo. I was struck by the men in their turbans, viewed both from the back as well as the front.