About me

Every now and then, I get the feeling I’ve lived another life already and this is my second turn. In the first one, I studied psychology and philosophy – in Munich, Bristol and Marburg – before specializing in psychosomatic voice disorders. While working at the University of Kiel’s research hospital, I realized I had to break out and pursue other interests.
In search of broader and more creative opportunities, I enrolled in film and visual arts at the Art Academy of Hamburg.
The final step was taken when I moved to the Mediterranean. Living an island life with two small children faraway from production companies, I started focusing increasingly on photography and since 1990, have been working as a freelance photographer based in Mallorca, where many of my clients are hotel and private property owners.

Every place, whether it’s a hotel or a private home, has its own spirit. I like to discuss with my clients what they are trying to achieve so that I can express it visually, be it a small, rural place, a romantic boutique hotel or a bigger affair such as a tourist retreat.

Very often this work inspires me to explore particular themes which I may develop locally or abroad, often in Africa or Asia. These escapes during the winter months sometimes combine documentary work on social projects with what I like doing most, travelling.
Photography for me is the pleasure of being and seeing.

Please contact me, if you are a non-profit or a socially focused company in need of new imagery, I would like to help you to make a difference.