In Ses Salines, Mallorca, an event takes place which is called “Llocimemori“ and i’m participating with an installation using the bus-stop for an old photo of people from the village

The Magazin “Home Couture“ published an article about “Seasonal Living“ with some of the garden photos of Lucie Hauri Real Estate and the interior design shop “Cas Perillo“


Can Senae, exhibition of “sheep“ photos, all of them with the same height and hanged in one line without distances between the photos.

Pa amb oli

A booklet is published about 9 different ways to make a “pa amb oli“ and 4 different suggestions to use honey and cheese for mallorquin sweet dishes


“Huguet“ the factory for tiles in Campos, Mallorca uses one of my photos I did of my kitchen for their homepage. our cat included….


Article in the German Design Magazin “Wörkshop“ about my series of photographs of “Hats of the Hereros Women“